Why am I required to enter unique emails for each participant?

We ask that all participants complete their own digital waiver prior to stepping onto the ice. To accomplish this we ask for the email addresses of all participants.

We also want to ensure that everyone participating receives clear instructions on what to wear, where to go, and what to expect.

Each participant will receive 4 emails in total:

  • a ticket email as soon as you complete your purchase
  • Your Upcoming Learn to Curl, which will typically arrive anytime in the week prior to the event and explain how to be prepared for the event.
  • The digital waiver from PandaDoc, which arrives shortly after you start the waiver process from our site
  • Next Steps in Curling, which arrives in the week following the event which describes the club, how to join the spare player list, a league, or as a member, and a link to a survey about how we did.