What should I wear for my Learn to Curl?

Sneakers, joggers, or running shoes. Any shoes with a grippy, textured rubber sole will usually work well. Shoes like Crocs, or Uggs are not recommended. For your safety, participants wearing…
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When purchasing tickets why am I required to enter unique emails for each participant? Will this be used for spam or marketing?

We ask that all participants complete their own digital waiver prior to stepping onto the ice. To accomplish this we ask for the email addresses of all participants. We also…
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I’m purchasing tickets for a minor that doesn’t have an email address, what should I enter?

As much as possible we ask that you enter accurate email addresses for all planned attendees. For minors we ask that you enter the address of the minor participant’s parent…
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What are the vaccination or other COVID-19 requirements?

All participants must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination prior to entering the facility. Our host facility, Solar4America Ice at San Jose has full details, including instructions for…
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I’m purchasing tickets for multiple people and don’t know their email addresses what should I enter?

As much as possible we ask that you enter accurate email addresses for all planned attendees. If you’re trying to purchase quickly – or in the case of minors –…
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What takes place during a Learn to Curl Session?

Short answer: The best two hours of your month!Long Answer: An introduction to the sport of curling. We spend a little bit of time covering on-ice safety, then head out…
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Do I need to know how to skate?

No! While curling is played on ice it is not a sport which ever uses ice skates. We wear clean rubber-soled shoes on the ice. Any shoes that have a…
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What is the Membership Expectations Agreement?

The Membership Expectations Agreement is agreed to by all members of the Silicon Valley Curling Club at the time of their initial club registration and when renewing their membership each…
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I’m new to curling. What do I need to know before I step on the ice?

First of all, welcome to the best sport in the world! For everything you need to know about how to prepare for your first game or Learn-to-Curl, look no further…
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I’m looking for more information about how to improve my curling game. Are there any other resources you recommend?

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite resources and we hope you can get as much from them as we have.