FAQ Category: Curling with SVCC

What are the club’s expectations for my behavior during club activities, on and off the ice?

All Members and participants in SVCC events are expected to abide by the SVCC Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is intended as a guide to make it easier…
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The game is over, but I’m still having fun! What’s next?

Broomstacking! Stanley’s Sports Bar is conveniently located upstairs from the ice rink at both arenas. Teams meet up at Stanley’s to share a drink and fun times after games. Tradition…
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What do players need to do to get the ice ready for curling?

Many hands make light work! We need everyone’s help getting the ice ready each week for curling. If you’re not sure what needs to be done, check here for details…
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What are the league fees and how are they set?

Starting in Fall 2023, activity fees have been set as shown below. This amount covers the cost of ice rental and are adjusted periodically as ice rental fees increase.

What do I need to know to sign up for a league?

League registration is generally open to active members of the club. Specific information regarding League Rules, How to Join a League, Sparing, etc. can be found here. If this is…
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What’s curling like with SVCC?

SVCC curls at Sharks Ice in San Jose and Fremont, CA. We curl on mixed-use ice, which means we share ice with Hockey and Ice Skating. For information about when…
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