Junior Club Member Registration

Become a member of the Silicon Valley Curling Club by completing the form below and paying your member dues on the following screen. You can find more details on all of our membership types here.

Member Information
If you are 17 years old or younger, please provide the name and email address of a parent/guardian.
Emergency Contact Information
Please provide the name and contact information for an emergency contact.

Membership Expectations

All Members are expected to comply with the Silicon Valley Curling Club’s Bylaws in order to be a Member in Good Standing. “Good Standing” means that a Member is current in the payment of Annual Dues, plus any required fees or assessments as determined by the Silicon Valley Curling Club. Anyone with >$60 in outstanding invoices owed to the club and >60 days past due will not be allowed to participate in any club activities. Any fees for new activities will be applied to the balance due. If such a fee is league registration, they will be placed on the waitlist until all outstanding invoices and the league fee is paid in full. 45 days from the date of the invoice that raises the outstanding balance above $60, the member will be notified of their pending status (via the email address on file) and the club participation policy. The board reserves the right to deal with situations on an individual basis. Members in Good Standing must also abide by the Code of Conduct, engaging in courteous and sportsmanlike conduct, including, but not limited to helping set up and take down curling ice and equipment as well as engaging in sportsmanlike conduct while curling and within all spaces managed or organized by the Silicon Valley Curling Club. Members in Good Standing are also expected to volunteer for Club corporate trainings, bonspiels, and other fundraising and sporting events the Club regularly holds. So long as Annual Dues are paid within thirty (30) days of the date payable and a Member is otherwise in Good Standing, Membership shall continue. Membership may be suspended or terminated for failure to pay Annual Dues, or other fees or assessments, or for failure to abide by the Club’s Bylaws or Code of Conduct and volunteerism, as described in these Expectations.