The success and growth of the club (and curling!) depends on the volunteerism of our members. There are many opportunities to volunteer within the club, including customer service, website maintenance, and teaching! Teaching Corporate Events, Learn to Curls, and Bonspiels not only grow the sport in the Bay Area, but they are opportunities for financial security for the club. We rely entirely on the participation of members like you to support these events and keep the club going. If you’re interested in volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.

Corporate Events 

Corporate events are one of the primary ways that SVCC raises money. Thus, it is important that SVCC members volunteer to teach these clinics. SVCC teaches an average of 20-100 people per week to curl through corporate events, in partnership with Solar4America Ice. SVCC is responsible for staffing these events, and in return volunteers are given gift certificates for use at Stanley’s (perfect for broomstacking). Corporate events last about two hours and typically run during business hours. If you have participated in a Learn to Curl, lesson series, or league game, you are qualified to teach! Please consider donating your time to this effort when you are able.

Learn to Curls

Learn to Curl (LTC) events are similar to corporate events, but are managed solely by Silicon Valley Curling Club. LTC sessions generally last about two hours and are scheduled both during the week as well as on weekends. Members of the public sign up for LTC events, and it is a great way to get to know people, encourage more people to become SVCC Members, and generally spread the good word about curling! 


Volunteers execute club operations and events by serving on various committees. A list of our committees is available here. If you would like to participate in any committees, please let us know, either by contacting the committee directly, or using our Contact Us form!


Over Memorial Day weekend of 2019, SVCC hosted the inaugural Silicon Valley Bonspiel (SVB) at our Fremont location in the hope of establishing a tradition of hosting an annual event. The bonspiel is organized and run by our member volunteers.