SVCC League Resources

League Rules

SVCC plays according to the rules of the United States Curling Association, which can be found here: 

League Bell Rule

During SVCC league nights, a bell will be rung ~32 minutes before the end of ice time indicating that games should complete the current end and start one more, which will be the last end of the game. An end has started when the first stone crosses the tee-line at the delivering end. No end will start with less than 15 minutes remaining in ice time.

Joining a League

Club membership is normally required to participate in leagues throughout the year; however, the Board occasionally waives Membership in for some beginner/instructional leagues. A product page to purchase a spot in a league will be generated and available on the website or in the Member Warmroom at the time of registration.
League registration usually opens 1-2 weeks prior to the start of each league. League fees are payable at the time of online registration at the SVCC website and may be paid in installments depending upon the total amount due (not available for every league). These fees are ~$30 per player per game to cover the cost of ice use for league play, and are separate from Annual Membership Dues.


Spares (or substitutes) are frequently needed for league games. To join the spares list for a particular league, please contact the drawmaster with your availability. The drawmaster or a league member may reach out when a spare opportunity arises. A spare fee is charged per game and is separate from league fees.

Practice Ice

In addition to league curling, ice time is occasionally available for practice. Announcements will be made to the club via email, website, social media, and/or Slack when these opportunities are available. 

Competitive Curling

Members often represent SVCC at regional and national tournaments. Some events may require a playdown either at the club or regional level. Requirements may differ between events, but typically a participant is required to be a league-playing member of the club s/he is representing.


After league games, Stanley’s Sports Bar is the preferred broomstacking or socializing gathering place, conveniently located upstairs from the ice rink at both arenas. Tradition states the winning team buys the first round!