Curling Resources

Pace of Play

  • Leads of the scoring team should not help put rocks away between ends, but should instead find their first rock and get ready to throw in the hack.
  • Players should be in position, waiting at the delivery-side hog line during the opposing team’s shot and as soon as the opposition rock is released, players should begin moving to get ready for their team’s shot as quickly as possible
  • Rocks do not need to be placed in order behind the hacks.
  • The shooter should be ready in the hack with their rock cleaned by the time their skip sets the broom for their shot. 
  • Shooters should be mindful of the length of their pre-shot routine.
  • Sweepers should be in position, ready to sweep their team’s rocks as soon as they’re released.

Local, Regional, and National Bonspiels

There are a number of local, regional and national bonspiels held every year. Some of the closest and consequently, popular, bonspiels amongst our members are found below.


Host Club


The Barrel

Wine Country Curling Club (Roseville, CA)


The Crush

Wine Country Curling Club (Roseville, CA)

Labor Day Weekend

Hollywood Blockbuster Bonspiel

Hollywood Curling Club (Valencia, CA)

July 4th Weekend 

Visit the
MoPAC website for a list of more regional bonspiels held regularly throughout the year. USA Curling also keeps a list of bonspiels and curling events throughout the country.

Additional Resources

USCA Official Rules 

Curl Up With Jamie (video series by Jamie Sinclair and USCA providing beginner tips for curling) 

Utica Curling Club — Curling School

Introduction to Curling Strategy (available on Amazon)

Brush Like a Badass (available on Amazon)