Curling Etiquette

  • Please arrive a few minutes early for your game. During league play, this allows you to help with ice prep. At events, you can use these minutes to prepare yourself for the game
  • If you are unable to attend a game, notify your skip and/or the drawmaster so that a spare can be arranged. If your team is unable to attend, notify the drawmaster or event coordinator immediately. 
  • Games should be played at a reasonable pace, with each end lasting about 15 minutes.
  • Each game begins and ends with handshakes and wishes of “Good Curling” or “Good Game” each opponent and then to your teammates
  • When it is your team’s turn to deliver, the skip should be ready to make the call, the thrower should be in the hack and ready to throw as soon as the skip sets the broom and the sweepers should be in position to sweep the rock.
  • As soon as the opposing team has released their rock, you may begin moving to the hack to prepare for your team’s shot (this includes getting your skip’s rock out for their turns). 
  • When it is the opposition’s turn, the skip should be motionless behind the back line while watching the shot. The other members of the team should be at the sideline between the hog lines and should remain silent and still during the shot
  • A missed shot should never be cheered. Conversely, a good shot may be complimented by players on either team.
  • Avoid touching the ice or letting your body rest on the ice. Contact with the ice lasting less than 5 seconds is capable of leaving marks.