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2018 Corporate Events: A Record Setting Year

Being an Olympic year, we expected corporate curling events to be popular in 2018. We had no idea that they would be that popular. Nevertheless, SVCC volunteers were up to the challenge. In the final accounting, the club worked 103 events with 301 volunteer shifts, teaching roughly 2500 participants. Thanks to Andy Carle for coordinating with the volunteers and Salvatore Barranco at Sharks Ice. And of course thanks to everyone who made time in their busy schedules to help the club and share your love of the game. The top 10 list on the Board of Pride is astounding:

  • Jay Diamond: 40
  • Jennifer Asis: 33
  • TC Altus: 25
  • Brandon Wolf: 24
  • Gordon Mullin: 18
  • Mary Riordan: 16
  • Alice Mansell: 15
  • Richard Lazarowich: 10
  • Diane Palme: 9
  • Maria Eswine: 9

Not to mention the other 28 people who helped out this year: Jordan Haarsma, Nancy Deis, Rich Schmidt, Kelsey Kawaguchi, Glen Paetz, Loreen Makishima-Wolf, Steve Altus, Cameron Kim, Doug Bone, Paul Coad, Scott Shaw, David Steele, Melissa Wheeler, Rick Eswine, Ryan Clark, Steve Shaffer, Andy Carle, Brent Halpenny, Daisy MacCallum, Jeannie Kahwajy, Tina To, Geoffrey Lundie, Gerry Vandevalk, Jen Burger, Lauren Rich, Martin McBriarty, Sean Collins, and Jeremy Malerich.

Fall Season League Wrap Up

Congratulations to Team Raju (Philip Woo, Shir Aharon, Cameron Kim, PN Raju) for winning the Tuesday night San Jose league and Team Bone (Zach Gabrielson, Carl Gabrielson, Jay Diamond, Doug Bone) for winning the Sunday afternoon Fremont league!

Finally, congrats to Team Palme (Mary Riordan, Melissa Wheeler, Amanda Chang, Diane Palme) for winning the women’s playdown series over Team Altus (Loreen Makishima-Wolf, Lauren Rich, Jennifer Asis, TC Altus) in three close games. Team Palme will represent SVCC at the Arena National Championships (May 5-11, West Chester, PA), and Team Altus will represent SVCC at the USWCA National Bonspiel (Feb. 13-17, Chicago). Go Ridgeys, beat everyone!

Happy New Year!

2018 was an amazing year for SVCC. Thanks for being part of it, and we wish you a great 2019, on and off the ice!

– Jeremy, Mary, and Diane